Sunday, March 1, 2009

My anti-wedding wedding dress.

I have always said I don't want a big wedding. I am not that girl. No big venue, no big guest guests at all, actually...Cape Cod saltbox church, a pumpkin cheesecake, maybe a nice sail afterwards complete with lobster rolls and flip flops - or fisherman sweaters if it's winter. And me, wearing a black, no-frills anti-wedding wedding dress.

That is, until I saw this.

This resplendent piece of attire that has "KATE" written in every crevice and stitched into every seam. And dammit, now I am going to have to cave and be cliche and wear a white dress.

This if, of course, all completely hypothetical, seeing as I am at least ten years away from the big day.

But us Type As have to plan in advance, of course.

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AMS said...

This is why we are the same person Kate! I feel like such an anomaly within our generation because my friends think I'm crazy because I don't want a princess/cupcake/poofy wedding!

Thank God someone else understands, maybe you can be my witness if I ever do get married haha