Sunday, February 8, 2009

My hero supremo.

"Just because you're not famous, doesn't mean you're not good."
- Laura Linney

This woman is my hero. And, quite honestly, I don't care that 99.9% of the population has no clue who she is. The .01% that comprise the upper echelon of awesomeness do.


The Inkwell Bookstore said...

She is rad. If you haven't seen 'You Can Count On Me' yet, do! She's heartbreaking in it.

gramercy_gaslight_girl said...

YCCOM is one of my favorites! I am so excited that she and Mark Ruffalo are to collaborate again! Almost as excited as I am about Laura being the new host of Masterpiece Theatre :)

ams said...

I love her too!!

And she's in one of my favorites: Love Actually. So good!

gramercy_gaslight_girl said...

I love how all of my favorite people love all of my favorite things! :)

Alice said...

She is great. Love Actually. (l)