Sunday, June 22, 2008

Chowderfest 2008

If you are bored today (c'est moi), and are fortunate enough to be in the immediate vicenity of Hyannis, MA (non c'est moi), please attend the annual Chowderfest (2008 edition), in which you (yes, YOU) get to decide which Boston-area chowder peddler had the best edible wares of the past year. My personal pick is Stephanie's on Newbury.

That such an event even exists is a testament to the ingenuity of American culture. What, I ask, could be better than an entire event devoted to the finest of all soups?

If you take my advice and attend this extravaganza, please report back with sensory details.

Meanwhile, as it is 99 degrees here in LA, I will substitute the following heat-friendly meal for the chowder I wish I were consuming thousands of miles away:

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