Sunday, June 29, 2008

What I Want Now: June 29, 2008 edition

CHRISTMAS. I have been downing hot chocolate and listening to Andy Williams sing about the most wonderful time of the year for the past two days. My parents drew the line when I asked them to send me my Caroline Kennedy Christmas book. They probably wanted to say, "This madness has to stop. It's June. You're in LA. Go to J.Crew, but yourself something turquoise with fish on it, and shut up."

But I will not be silent. People need to know that they are not alone in their mid-summer Christmas cravings.

For your viewing pleasure, I have included what I consider to be the best of Christmas '07 (with some timeless classics thrown in for good measure). What trends will holiday 2008 bring us, you ask? Only Santa knows, and we all know that he NEVER kisses and tells...

My cozy Ugg knit boots.

Nostalgia for 18 years of Nutcracker rehearsals.

The Christmas Tiffany china, to be used only two days/year and to be carried (per your mother's orders) only while wearing rubber gloves.

The windows at Bergdorf's. It's my humble oppinion that Bergdorf's windows > Saks windows.

Watching Charlie and his wonderful tree every year on CBS.

Holiday bevergae of choice: pumpkin spice latte. Only to be rivaled by steaming caramel apple cider.

Favorite coat of 2007 (and perhaps's a good coat. And it cost, in relation to my budget, the price of a small island nation; thus, I will be wearing it until the seams have completely disintegrated): Burberry duffle in hollyberry red.

Santa's annual ride through the neighborhood on the firetruck. It's only disappointing when he's run out of Cowtails and pillow mints and has been reduced to throwing lowly Jolly Ranchers. Becuase not only is that NOT quality candy, but it also kind of hurts if, say, Santa flings it too hard and it hits your exposed clavicle.

This scent is good. Like, really, really good.

Oh, Ralphie, how I love thee.

Cinnamon. In anything.

My homegirl getting down for the holidays.

Diana = favorite modern Christmas album. Followed by Celine, Josh Groban, and Sarah McLachlan. All right, all right...and Mariah.

My favorite, most coveted pair of shoes (Louboutin lastic booties) get a good holiday workout.

Meet Me in St. Louis on CBS. CBS really comes through for me at Christmas with the classics. Which is curious, as during the rest of the year, CBS = trainwreck.

This Ralph Lauren sweater. That my husband WILL be wearing. Whoever he is just doesn't know it yet.

The lighting of the Rockefeller tree. Usually on December 13. And usually featuring appearances by one GOOD singer, the Rockettes, a washed-up Olympic figure skating champion, and many minor, forgettable celebrities. Alas, it's really about the tree. And that moment when Bloomberg's thumb hits the big red buttom.

The day when you walk into Starbucks and the Christmas cups have hit the shelves. What a feeling! What a rush! Your fingers gets all tingly and your heart swells with joy (these cups also signal the nearing end of exams). I am fortunate enough to have friends who send me many, many excited texts upon their subsequent discoveries of the Christmas cup unveiling. As if I didn't know.

The final scene of Home Alone 2. Corny, yet beloved by yours truly. The only scene I like more is when Kevin gives pidgeon lady the turtle dove ornament from Duncan's Toy Chest. Or when he tricks the Plaza employees with the tommy-gun movie scene. But I couldn't find a picture of either of those special moments in American cinema.

Sigh. Only 178 days, 8 hours, and 57 minutes longer.

If you would like to count-down along with me every second of the day, I highly recommend a visit to


Alice said...

Hmm, that article made me feel less alone. For me, the Christmas longing crashes in every April and August. Unfailingly. Yours is in July, but it's okay...I know my longing is due to my impossibly nostalgic and contradictory nature of always wanting what I can't have at the most innapropriate time.
The turtle dove scene is my fave. I Actually downloaded the movie in China in the sole purpose of watching that scene. (That was during the April Christmas longing)

Have a wonderful summer and internship and everything else, too...


ps.: My apologies. I commented on the wrong post. Classic. :)

*Pink Preppy Party Girl* said...

Love the Tiffany Christmas China--started my sister-in-law on it and
Diane Kraul is a favorite too. CAnnot wait until the holidays.