Sunday, July 13, 2008

Emanating class.

I have a very hard time cultivating a long list of celebrities whose style I am enamored of, mostly due to the fact that I find 99.9% of celebrities to either be too trendy (lacking in classicism = in need of Chanel) or too tacky (tres Donatella). However, along with Leighton Meester, I am quite impressed by Emma Watson's taste. Watson was recently contracted to be the face of the new Chanel ad campaign, and New York magazine did a blurb highlighting this fact. Many commentators responded maliciously, saying she's too young, she's no Scarlett Johansson (Um, c'est juste. Thank God), etc. I think Emma is a great choice - she's classy and cultivating a very timeless style. I think she has enough street cred to join Kate's List of Legitimate Fashionistas:

Cate Blanchett
Reese Witherspoon
Jennifer Aniston
Embeth Davidtz
Ellen Pompeo
Jennifer Garner
Leighton Meester
Kate Middleton
Kate WInslet
Angie Harmon
Maria Shriver
Kate Walsh
Natalie Portman
Alexis Bledel

As you can see, most of my style icons have one thing in common: they are usually photographed in jeans or Adidas track suits. But they also always choose timeless, gorgeous pieces for the Red Carpet or Parliament sessions. My kind of balance.

A side note: I am also fond of this guy (which all of you who have seen my "I'd be easy for Ronald Weasley" bumper sticker pinned to my cork board would know)...


Stacey said...

I adore these photos! I think Emma has a timeless elegant style.

Marc said...

Anne Hathaway, Monica Bellucci, Eva Green...