Wednesday, July 9, 2008

When perfect is not the goal...

"But life isn’t perfect, Ms. Bell pointed out, and you can make yourself crazy chasing an antilogy."

This article reminded me so very much of something my fictional hero, Kathleen Kelly, might do. Plus, it involves the home of one of the initial designers of the Kate Spade brand, and we all know that Kate creates many of my materialistic weaknesses. I find this apartment and article to be whimsical, and whimsy is highly underrated.

"Cosmetically, however, Ms. Bell took a laissez-faire attitude, turning over the details to her children: Elenore, 13, Anabel, 11, and Will Simotas, 7. A John Derian sofa still in its muslin cover became an art project for Elenore’s seventh-grade class, who covered it in graffiti with fabric markers. Will had his way with fabric paint on two chairs. Anabel and three friends painted her room and embellished it with Marimekko wall stickers.

The family moved in just before Christmas. Ms. Bell bought two armfuls of bittersweet from the farmers’ market, sprayed them with white paint (“I tried that Martha Stewart flocking, but it all fell off,” she said), wrapped the twigs with Christmas lights and lashed them to the ceiling medallions in the living room, where they became instant chandeliers. They are still there, though the Christmas lights she wrapped the windows with were recently taken down."

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