Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mamma Mia Week!

Only five more days! Unfortunately, I am in a bit of a spot. My mother has forced me to take a Mother-Daughter Holy Oath of Solidarity. As in, "Kate, I lived in Greece for five years and loved Mamma Mia on Broadway. Please, please, please wait until you get back to Florida (AUGUST 2nd!!!), so we can go see the movie together!" Oh, the guilt. I, needless to say, caved and agreed to Mamma Mia celibacy for my remaining 19 days in Los Angeles. This is almost worse than when she was in Cape Cod when You've Got Mail came out. Almost, but not quite, as You've Got Mail has been my numero uno favorite movie since that fateful day (December 22) when my mother got back from the Cape and we almost killed the Beetle by speeding to AMC. However, supposedly my father has also been roped into this extravaganza (under the mistaken assumption that because Pierce Brosnan is involved, it might be like James Bond), so hopefully we will at least arrive at the theater without a speeding ticket.

The upside of this is a likely trip to Avondale for Mediterranean-inspired movie outfits. Because, as you can see from the following images, my mom and I have a bit of style-tweaking to do in order to emerge as Mamma Mia Material.

From this... this?

Full transformation is not at all likely.

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